Zhiva Perspectives

Charity Foundation "Zhiva" Social Adaptation Program
A wide ranging curriculum to prepare orphans and children without parental care to handle life after leaving the center. The acquire lifeskills to manage and balance the demands to be socially successful. The programs involves teenagers and young adults from 14 to 20 years old.
The foundation provides practical, hands-on activities to create a positive worldview for children at an early age. Specialists help the students develop Social Emotional skills to handle life, transition from one stage to the next and to be able to choose a profession. For youngsters with handicaps who are often dependent on feelings rather than academic knowledge, modified master classes improve their self-confidence through a step by step approach of mastery.
Students learn to see that their own efforts directly result in their success and are trained to recognize their most effective performance patterns.
Socialization, development of the necessary skills for living in an adult society
  • Development of the ability to make decisions, to be aware of and to be responsible of them, to learn social boundaries
  • Stimulation and motivation for studies
  • Assistance to solve personal problems and conflict situations, to learn how to interact appropriately with others
  • Promotion of an adequate assessment of abilities and advices for choosing a profession